OSRS Seer’s Village

Going up the stairs at the middle will just lead you back to the beginning. You need it, since it contains the instructions that your personality will follow to create the elemental helmet. • Treasure Trails • Bloody • Key (Melzar’s Maze) 2 Answers. • Key After selecting the option”Click here to continue” the key …

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Simple Inferno

It’s missing a great deal of things and is a very basic mod of some good RSPS supply. Once players manage to defeat TzKal-Zuk, they will be rewarded with all the infernal cape. Tokkul is also given, with increasing amounts based on the tide they have been defeated on (16,440 maximum; this can be doubled …

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OSRS TzTok-Jad Tips

You could lose concentration for a couple of seconds; that is greater than sufficient time for TzTok-Jad to deal a fatal blow. It is beneficial that you simply make your self as snug and calm as possible in order to not lose focus, since just one mistake could get you killed. If Jad spawns able …

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