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Each of the quests listed here/in that the ingame Quest tab would be those readily available, however some have incomplete guides that are marked with a watch. For all those, it is okay to check the OSRS wiki before a suitable guide is made or help to create one yourself. As a general note, quest guides that are available on the v/scape wikidot are somewhat more precise than those around the Oldschool Runescape wiki. Always check here first for a guide before you look about the OSRS wiki.

  • He will also tell you that the goutweed is retained in the storeroom and which you can find the key by searching the kitchen drawers.
  • Look for the drawers in the south east corner of the room, and as soon as you’ve got the storeroom key, go down the staircase on the north wall of the kitchen, and follow the hallway to the storeroom.
  • Search the crate and you will obtain some goutweed, after which you’ll get caught.
  • Use one of those routes to get to Mad Eadgar’s Cave.

The list might want to be upgraded as more quests are employed. It is not mandatory but I recommend completing the Eadgar’s Ruse quest which will give you the access to teleport into the God Wars Dungeon. Kree’arra is a Level-580 monster that has been a favorite monster to fight ages because the table. You may find him in Armadyl’s Eyrie, to get there you will want to input the God Wars Dungeon that you may locate north of Trollheim.

Eadgar's Ruse OSRS Quest
Note that in the event you have between 41 and 47 agility, you may be able to use some of the lower shortcuts. If you don’t have the appropriate agility level, you are going to need to go around the mountain to locate the appropriate way. Note that in the event you click on the area where Eadgar lives, you will automatically walk through the spiral maze. Watch out for the stone throwing trolls however, use shield from missiles if you’ve got 40 prayer.
At the top of Trollheim, there’s an unmarked cave entry on the southern side of the summit. Enter the cave, and also speak to Eadgar about goutweed. You need to acquire some goutweed, by simply growing a gout tuber or by stealing it in the troll kitchens during Eadgar’s Ruse quest.
If one of them sees you, then you’re going to be pumped out and kicked out of the storeroom. Learn more about RuneScape Herblore Training Guide here. Shield from Missiles blocks the damage but does not prevent getting kicked out. Then, threaten him with talking to Sanfew to receive one.

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